Best Penis Pill review – The Truth about Natural Herbal Penis Growth Pill
November 24 2016

We recently did a search on the internet for some common terms that men were using to look for a best penis enlargement pill or supplement, and came across the following:

Natural penis pill for a man, top penis pill for men, best penis pill with herbs and nutritional products, do natural penis pills work in a man, top rated penis pill without hormones or prescription drugs, discount penis pill without prescription medications, and others. On this site we provide an honest natural penis pill review of what you should look for. There are dozens that are effective but which one (s) should you choose?

Best Penis pill Review
There are literally thousands of penis enhancement products on the market in the US, Canada, and overseas. There is not doubt that some of these products do work to improve erections. However, since it is very expensive to do studies, almost all of these supplements have not undergone rigorous scientific testing. If you do plan to take a natural product to improve your penis erection, consider Passion Rx which is very popular and has been sold since 2004.

There are many herbs that lead to great erections, including Tongkat Ali from Malaysia, Yohimbe Bark from Africa, and Tribulus Terrestris Extract, a common weed that grows a lot of places. LJ100 is another good option.

Best penis pill with multiple herbal extracts, all natural and safe
For an effective natural solution to problems with erections, try a combination of natural potent herbal extracts as found in Passion Rx Yohimbe. For more information on how to treat impotence. Tongkat ali is known to enhance sexual stamina.

This excellent product enhances libido, sensation, blood flow, and stamina. Passion Rx with Yohimbe is a medical doctor formulated product.

You can buy Passion Rx online. The benefits of this natural penis pill increase over several days of use.

Best penis pill formulated by Ray Sahelian, M.D.
There is no way to tell the best penis pill on the market without doing extensive double blind placebo controlled studies with them, and this would be too expensive and time consuming. Hence, the consumer is not able to determine the best penis pill to buy. You just have to gamble and try 2, 3, or 4 of them, and chances are one is likely to come across a natural penis pill that does work perhaps on the first try or after a few trials.

Do penis pills work ?
If you mean whether taking a penis pill will cause the penis to enlarge beyond what it normally can under ideal circumstances, this is not very likely. However, certain penis pill products can maximize penis size and hence lead to the best penis size one can achieve but within the anatomical confinement that your genetics gave you.

Penis growth pill, can you trust the claims?
There are a number of companies marketing penis growth pills but we are skeptical that an herbal pill can cause the size of the penis to become larger. Perhaps the full vasodilation can add a few millimeters, but to claim that a product causes growth of an inch or more seems to be misleading the public. Another term used for penis growth is male enhancement.

There were hundreds of thousands of searches a month for the above words. Obviously, quite a number of men really think that there are pills that enlarge a penis.

Penis pill review
There are a number of websites that have the name Penis Review or some variation of this. Be cautious in believing the information on most of these websites since they are likely to be a front for the company that sells the top listed or top recommended herbal penis pill product. Learn about better sex tips regarding herbal pills.


Herbal Penis Pill Research Update
Men worried about having a small penis usually have a pretty average penis size, but have a false idea of what the normal penis size is, according to a report in the medical journal Urology. This best way to reassure men with penile concerns is to educate them, the author of the report says. Men should know that a normal-sized penis is 1.6 inches or more when flaccid or 2.7 inches when stretched out. The findings are based on a study of 92 patients who went to the andrology department at Cairo University Hospital in Egypt over a 2-year period complaining of a small-sized penis. Penile length and girth were assessed with a tape measure in both flaccid and fully stretched states. The men were asked what they considered a normal size penis and then were informed about the actual normal penis size. All of the men met the thresholds for normal penis size and did not have erectile dysfunction. However, on average, the men estimated that the “normal” flaccid penis length should be to be 5 inches. The education and measurement sessions solved the concerns of 79 men. The other 13 subjects still insisted that their member was too short, but with further psychosexual counseling, most were convinced otherwise. It is those who are resistant to the idea that their penis is average size and wish for a large penis or huge penis who are most likely to seek penis enlargement pills or a penis enlarger device.

Penis Pill Web Sites
There are many websites that promote products for penis enlargement. Most, if not all, are just a front for the product that they sell and recommend.

Cheap penis pill
It is possible that a cheap penis pill may work as well or better than an expensive penis pill.

Herbal Penis Enlargement Pill emails
Q. I’m 32, single, going to get married. I found about you when I searched for Tribulus Terrestris and your
reference to another product called Passion Rx. I’m desperate to know if either of the above is well suited to improve the size of the penis permanently and enhances the erection strength. I’ve read on the net about many such products for penis enlargement, but I’m very much worried if they would harm my body.

Q. What is the top or best penis pill? Also, can you share a penis pill tip ?
A. Since I don’t think any of these penis enlargement product work, none of them would be a best penis enlargement pill. There are natural herbal pills that do improve sexuality, there is no doubt about that, but if you expect a big penis, bigger than what you now have, you may be disappointed.

Q. What do you think about a penis enlargement patch or cream? I read your web page and I understand that an herbal penis enlargement pill does not work, but what about a penis enlargement drug, do they work?
A. I have seen penis enlargement cream and patch being advertised. As far as enlarging a penis, they are worthless. I am not aware of a pharmaceutical penis enlargement drug.

Q. I came across a website that has penis pill  testimonials. Can these be trusted? They even show a before and after  penis enlargement picture.
A. I have seen and heard about penis enlargement testimonials as marketing tools for a long time. I question the honesty of these testimonials, I don’t think they are real. The size of a penis or a picture can be easily manipulated with simple graphics.

Q. Is penis enhancement the same as penis enlargement?
A. Penis enlargement to me would mean the actual penis size to enlarge which is not possible to the best of my knowledge. Penis enhancement does not seem to be as much of a wild claim since penis enhancement could just mean more blood flow, better sensation, and longer lasting erection. If penis enhancement is defined the way I explained it, then penis enhancement is possible.

Q. I have a small penis, actually a tiny penis. I have spent hundreds of dollars to increase penis size with pumps, exercise techniques, and penis enhancement pills, but none of them work for my penis. I envy those who have a giant penis.
A. Yes, life is not fair. But there is no reason for humiliation if you have a small penis. Find a partner who does feel a massive penis is a big priority.

Q. I see some websites that have Penis Enlargement Rankings. How do they go about testing for these penis enlargement rankings?
A. First of all, penis enlargement such as growing an inch or more is not possible with herbs. Secondly, these penis enlargement ranking websites are often just a front for sex product companies trying to sell their own penis enlargement products. Simply, the information you read on penis review sites or penis enlargement web sites is not reliable.

Q. I had a general question in regards to penis enlargement or enhancement pills. I was surfing the web and came across several companies that claim their product works by increasing the size of the Corpora Cavernosa, which are chambers in the penis that control blood flow. They claim their product increases the capacity of these penile chambers therefore increasing the length, girth, strength and firmness of the penis. I read your review on the Orexis pill and found it very informative and unbiased. My question is, are these so called penis enlargement claims scientifically or medically possible? Besides surgery, are there any methods of increasing penis size? I understand that these companies will pretty much say whatever it takes to make a profit, but perhaps there might be some sort of truth in what they claim. I just don’t want to get my hopes up and spend my money on something that is impossible. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Your medical expertise will prove invaluable in my decision to enhance my sexual life.
A. I am not aware of any herbal or pharmaceutical product that leads to an anatomically proven penis enlargement. However, if you have not had much sexual arousal in the past, and your penis is normally quite limp, and the herbs do help you get improved penile engorgement and arousal, it is possible that you will achieve maximal engorgement which could be a little larger penis than you are used to. But this does not mean that your penis got larger, it just means that your penis became the maximum size it would normally have been under ideal natural arousal conditions.

Free products
Q. Where can i find a free penis pill supplement to try?
A. You can google free penis pill keywords and find a site that makes it available. However, be careful not to give them your credit card number since they may begin an autoship program and charge your card.

Q. What is the best penis pill in order to have better sex?
A. Different people have different preferences when it comes to which individual sexual herb or sexual herbal product works best for them.

Penis Pill lawsuit
A federal judge in Denver has tentatively granted class-action status in a lawsuit against marketers of alleged penis enlargement products. The suit was filed by
Californian Jefferey Horton against Leading Edge Marketing Inc. of British Columbia, TechniPak LLC of Greeley, Colorado, and Advanced Botanicals Ltd. of Vancouver, British Columbia, and several others.
Potential class members include an estimated 400,000 customers who purchased products sold by Leading Edge under the VigRx brand since June 2000. [Griffin G. Lawsuit over penis potions may become class action. May Denver Post, 2005]  Source: Quackwatch