EYESIGHT Rx supplement review and info
Best eyesight improvement natural formula, safe and effective
December 15 2016

Eyesight Rx is a revolutionary formula developed by Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D. to help improve eyesight and color perception along with improving focus. Most people notice eyesight improvement within a few days, sometimes the very first day. The dosage of Eyesight Rx varies among individuals. Some people prefer to take a tablet every day whereas others prefer taking a tablet every other day.

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Eyesight Rx with vitamin and herbal extracts
The formula was updated and improved in 2016
Supports Healthy Eyesight improvement
Developed by Ray Sahelian, M.D.
Unlike some eyesight products that provide vitamins and herbs for long term healthy eyesight support, and prevention of visual impairment, but don’t seem to have much of an immediate effect on visual acuity, Eyesight Rx was formulated to provide a quick and noticeable eyesight improvement within hours or days of use. Reports from Eyesight Rx users indicate enhanced clarity of vision, colors being brighter, better focus, and overall improvement in close and distance vision. We’ve had reports of some people noticing this effect within hours, while most people notice improved eyesight by evening or the next day. Many realize their eyesight is sharper the next morning when they take their second dose.

Eyesight Rx Supplement Facts:
Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) is a vitamin for eyesight health
Citrus bioflavonoids
Mixed carotenoids which include (astaxanthin, beta carotene, cryptoxanthin, Lutein, Lycopene,  Zeaxanthin) Lutein and zeaxanthin are crucial carotenoids found in the eye.
Bilberry extract (Vaccinium myrtillus) contains anthocyanins protects the retina.
Eyebright extract (Euphrasia officianales)
Ginkgo biloba (Ginkgo biloba)
Mucuna pruriens extract (Cowhage)
Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)
Lycium berry extract (Lycium Barbarum) also known as Goji Berry
Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful antioxidant that enhances glucose use in brain and eye cells.

Testimonial, colors are more intense
Pastel colors came to life for me within hours of the first dose. I somehow liked and appreciated earth tones again after I had begun finding them dull and boring. The appearance of some floaters I have decreased in intensity. Better vision when 3 or 4 fish oil pills are taken daily with the natural Eyesight formula.

Supplements that Support Healthy Eyesight
The lens, retina, macula, and other parts of the eye involved in eyesight can be protected with the proper intake of antioxidants. Almost all the antioxidants likely have a positive influence on eye health, including vitamin C, carnosine, and alpha lipoic acid. If you always wanted to know how to improve eyesight, read on.

Substances in fruits and vegetables that help improve eyesight, the role of food and diet in vision
The major categories in our produce that are helpful for better vision are carotenoids and polyphenols.

Carotenoids are found in fruits and vegetables. Of the many carotenoids circulating in human bloodstream, only lutein, zeaxanthin, and lycopene are accumulated to any significant degree throughout the tissues of the eye. Good eyesight depends on more that just eating carrots since carrots mostly contain beta carotene.
Lutein is a carotenoid which has become popular as a dietary supplement either by itself, or combined with zeaxanthin.
Zeaxanthin and lutein play an important role in protecting eye tissue in the macula from damage by free radicals. Corn, eggs, green leafy vegetables, peppers, red grapes and pumpkins are some of the foods rich in lutein and zeazanthin.

Eyesight Rx emails

Q. Have you heard of any supplements (or Rx meds that improve eyesight, particularly to cure myopia?
A. We are not aware of any supplements that cure myopia but some nutrients such as fish oils, carotenoids, flavonoids, ginkgo, can help improve eyesight. Eyesight Rx will benefit those with myopia but it does not cure myopia.

Q. Does Eyesight Rx need to be taken the rest of your life or will it help improve or heal your eyes and your eyesight so that you don’t need it anymore.
A. The benefits of Eyesight Rx fade after a few days of stopping it.

Testimonial, review
I would like to thank you for the Eyesight Rx vision support. Eyesight Rx is a real formula with real results. I felt the difference after the fourth day. I am sure that other formulas for vision improvement can’t beat or come near to your formula. Good work.

I have been taking Eyesight Rx and Mind Power Rx for a couple of months now, I alternate each day.  I love that it actually motivates me. I actually want to do more things than prior to taking it. 

Eyesight Rx helps me notice, especially at night, that colours seem brighter, as do headlights on autos.

Hangover cure?
It’s strange, but Eyesight Rx, for me, is a hangover cure. Within minutes of taking it in the morning after a night of drinking, I feel more alert and it seems to cure my hangover.

Dry eyes
I have used Eyesight Rx for one month now and find it beneficial for dry eyes and visual acuity.

Hypertension, high blood pressure
Q. Can one take Eyesight Rx with having high blood pressure? Improving eyesight is important to me.
A. Each person with hypertension is unique in their response to supplements depending on many factors including which type of medicine they are on. After more than a decade on the market, we have not had anyone report issues with taking this vision formula while having high blood pressure. if your doctor approves, you could try a tablet to see whether Eyesight Rx has any influence on your BP. This advice would be true of many other supplements. Improving eyesight is possible in those who have high blood pressure.

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