Jiaogulan herb – Gynostemma pentaphyllum
January 2 2017

Jiaogulan is a plant that grows wild in China, as well as many other countries throughout Asia. Early research in rodents indicates it may be used for cholesterol and gastric ulcer prevention, and perhaps blood sugar management. Jiaogulan is a Chinese herb used in Chinese Medicine. Jiaogulan contains many compounds, including saponins and flavones.
Jiaogulan herb, also called Southern Ginseng, is a popular tonic in Asia. Jiaogulan is an adaptogen, antioxidant and rejuvenator. It supports normal cholesterol levels, immune modulation, and healthy metabolism.

Paradise Formulas Jiaogulan, 60 tablets
Botanical Support for Mental and Physical Stamina
Dietary Supplement

Planetary Formulas Full Spectrum Jiaogulan is specially extracted to yield a broad spectrum of Jiaogulan’s constituents. Jiaogulan originates from Southern China where much of traditional Chinese herbalism evolved. It has been traditionally used as a strengthening tonic to increase physical and mental stamina. Jiaogulan contains 82 saponins called gypenosides, some of which are directly related to the ginsenosides found in ginseng root.

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Jiaogulan Supplement Facts:
Calcium 127 mg 15%
Jiaogulan Extract 375 mg
(Gynostemma pentaphyllum) (Standardized to 10% gypenosides)

Suggested Use: 1 Jiaogulan tablet a few times a week or as directed by a qualified healthcare professional.

This Jioagulan supplement is made by Planetary Formulas supplement company.

Blood sugar lowering effect of Jiaogulan
Potential hypoglycemic effect of an ethanol extract of Gynostemma pentaphyllum Jiaogulan in C57BL/KsJ-db/db mice.
J Med Food. 2008; Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Kyungpook National University, Daegu, Republic of Korea.
This study was conducted to evaluate the blood sugar lowering effect of an extract of Jiaogulan, containing standardized concentrations of gypenosides. Our results suggest that the supplementation of high-dose Jiaogulan extract (0.01%) in the diet lowers the blood glucose level by altering the hepatic glucose metabolic enzyme activities.

Jiaogulan for gastric ulcer prevention
Phytopreventative effects of Gynostemma pentaphyllum against acute Indomethacin-induced gastrointestinal and renal toxicity in rats.
Phytother Res. 2007; Faculty of Pharmacy and Herbal Medicines Research and Education Centre (HMREC), University of Sydney, NSW, Australia.
In the present study, the phytoprotective effects of gypenosides from Jiaogulan Gynostemma pentaphyllum throughout the gastrointestinal tract and kidney were examined in indomethacin-treated rats. Indomethacin induced gastric and intestinal damage as well as renal toxicity after a single toxicological dose (10 mg/kg) in rats. Acute oral administration of the gypenoside extract (200 mg/kg) significantly reduced gastric and intestinal toxicity induced by indomethacin as measured by ulceration, caecal haemoglobin and plasma haptoglobin. A significant decrease in small intestinal lactose fermenting enterobacteria was evident in animals treated with indomethacin and those pre-treated with G. pentaphyllum then indomethacin. In the renal system, kidney toxicity was evident after indomethacin and in animals pre-treated with indomethacin plus Jiaogulan with an increase in urinary N-acetyl-beta-glucosaminidase and a decrease in urinary sodium and chloride electrolyte output. These studies demonstrate the efficacy of Jiaogulan in lowering gastrointestinal damage induced by indomethacin.

Jiaogulan for gastric ulcer prevention
Anti-hyperlipidemic and hypoglycemic effects of Gynostemma pentaphyllum in the Zucker fatty rat.
J Pharm Pharm Sci. 2006. Faculty of Pharmacy and Herbal Medicines Research and Education Centre University of Sydney, Building Al5, Sydney NSW.
Jiaogulan  is a traditional Chinese medicine used for a variety of conditions, including elevated cholesterol. We have examined the pharmacological anti-hyperlipidemic and hypoglycemic effectiveness of Jiaogulan in the obese Zucker fatty diabetic rat model. After treatment for 4 days Jiaogulan 250 mg/kg reduced triglyceride (33%), total cholesterol, (13%) and low density lipoprotein cholesterol levels (33%). These effects were dose-dependent and maintained for at least 5 weeks. Chronic treatment for 3-5 weeks also reduced post-prandial hypertriglyceridemia induced by olive oil 10 mg/kg in the Zucker fatty rats but had no significant effect in lowering sucrose-induced hyperglycemia in Sprague-Dawley rats. A novel regulation by Jiaogulan of glucose levels was also observed in the Zucker fatty rat model. In a glucose tolerance test in obese and lean Zucker rats pretreatment with Jiaogulan 250 mg/kg demonstrated glucose levels were significantly less 2 hours post challenge (20%) in the Gynostemma pentaphyllum obese rats compared to the control group. Gynostemma pentaphyllum did not significantly reduce glucose levels at 120 min in the lean strain, in contrast to the 20% decrease seen in the obese rat. In vitro, Jiaogulan inhibited alpha-glucosidase activity (50% inhibition at 42.8), which compared to acarbose (50% at 53.9 microg/mL). The improvement in glucose tolerance at 120 min by Jiaogulan in obese Zucker fatty rats but not lean rats suggests that it may improve insulin receptor sensitivity and together with the significant reduction of hypertriglyceridemia, cholesterol and low density lipoprotein cholesterol suggests that Gynostemma should be examined further by oral hypoglycemic/anti-hyperlipidemic therapy.

Jiaogulan supplement emails
I wonder if you would be interested in a product that we at Thai Herbal Products ltd are marketing, Jiaogulan , an ancient Chinese herb has many medicinal qualities such as being an Adaptogen, Antioxidant, regulates blood pressure and Cholesterol and many other benefits, Many studies have been made and still are on how and what Jiaogulan does ( these studies are available for your scrutiny ). We are growing this herb in northern Thailand growing the seedlings in Nurseries then transporting them to the mountainous regions where they are grown under controlled conditions to ensure quantity and quality. We then process the herb into powder form then it is filled in gelatin capsules, then blister packed or bulk packed in plastic bottles, our own label can be used or your label is available.

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