JOINT POWER Rx for aging joints – Doctor Formulated
Contains important nutrients, nutraceuticals and herbal extracts for optimal joint health as we age
January 2 2017

Aging joint relief and help
Joint power Rx is formulated for those who have reached middle age or older and wish to take a supplement to provide support and nourishment to their degenerating joints.

Because joint pain is so debilitating, glucosamine and chondroitin alone are often not enough to provide enough benefits. This powerful joint formula includes several additional herbal extracts and nutrients that play an important role in joint health.  

Joint Power Rx for aging joints, information

Buy Joint Power Rx on sale
Buy Joint Power Rx on sale
Physician Formulas, Formulated by Ray Sahelian, M.D.
Joint Power Rx Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 4 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30 (1 month)

Glucosamine sulfate (from shellfish) –
Glucosamine Sulfate is a popular ingredient in many joint health products
Chondroitin sulfate – chondroitin is a popular ingredient in many joint health products

MSM nutrient
CMO complex also known as cetyl myristoleate
Boswellia serrata extract
Curcumin and turmeric.
Curcumin reduces the inflammatory response.
Cat’s claw extract herb
Devil’s claw extract as an antiinflammatory
Grape seed extract as an antiinflammatory
Sea Cucumber extract

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Joint Power Rx testimonials
Arthritis help
Q. I would like to send my mother-in-law 2 more bottles of Joint Power Rx. She has noticed an improvement with her arthritis after 6 weeks.

Shoulder pain relief
Q. Just had to let you know that Joint Power Rx has changed my life. Prior to finding this product I had limited use of my right shoulder and arm. I could not lift my arm above my head nor rotate it toward my back without suffering sever pain. My doctor gave me a cortizone shot and that helped for about two weeks, three weeks later I went back for another shot which did not last two days. A customer of mine recommended I try Joint Power Rx as he had similar problems and it helped him. About three months ago I ordered your product and within a week I had full function of my right arm without suffering any pain. It is marvalous and I recommend it to anyone suffering as I have.


Q. I have had left knee pain for many months now with a little bit of swelling. I went to my doctor who gave me Vioxx and did an Xray which was normal. The vioxx helped a little but then i stopped when i heard all the bad news about it and i got a rash from it. I then took naproxyn and ibuprofen but they only helped a little, too. I had a MRI done which showed degenerative tear of the meniscus and slight necrosis of the top of the tibia with cartilage erosion. My orthopedic doctor told me i wasn’t a candidate for surgery and besides acetominophen and antiinflammatories, there was not much. He did say to try glucosamine and chondroitin, so i bought your product. Within 8 days, i can honestly say i have a 70 percent improvement and i can walk easily now whereas before every step would hurt. The women at the retirement home are amazed that i can walk again without a cane.

Q. Please let me know how Cat’s claw might effect an insulin dependent diabetic. I have been using Joint Power Rx with much success, thank you.
A. We did a medical research search and did not come up with any information regarding the influence of cat’s claw on blood sugar or diabetes. Cat’s claw may have an influence, but we just have not seen such research.

Q. This is my seventh time reordering Joint Power Rx. My dog and I take this supplement, and it keeps us moving!

Breast feeding
Q. Is it possible to take Joint Power Rx while breast feeding, or are certain of the ingredients contra-indicated.
A. We don’t suspect there would be problems, but the final decision is up to your doctor. Take care and hope your baby is doing great!

Q. Joint Power Rx, should one take it with or without meals? Does it make any difference? I find it best to take in the morning on an empty stomach. Is this okay?
A. We believe it is more effective when taken on an empty stomach..

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