LJ100 side effect, safety, dosage, how much to take
Benefit of LJ100 and review of safety
Reviews and benefits, does it work?
January 3 2017

Benefit and review, how well does it work?
LJ100 is a potent extract of Tongkat ali. This Eurycoma Longfolia root extract has 40 % glyco saponins and 22% EuryPeptides. Many people think the higher the dosage of LJ100 they ingest, the better it will work. Although this is true up to a certain dosage, there is a very likely probability that higher dosages will cause quite a number of unpleasant reactions and side effects that you would prefer to avoid by taking the 25 mg pills that a doctor has formulated after careful review with his patients.

Side effects of LJ100, safety, caution
Side effects, on doses greater than 25 mg, include increased body temperature, rapid heart beat, insomnia, aggressiveness, restlessness, and anxiety. On high dosages some people become quick to anger and can begin arguments or raise their voice which they may regret later.

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Availability of Tongkat Ali and LJ100, where to buy
Tongkat Ali is sold as a powder and in capsules, and it is often combined with other herbs in libido products. There are a number of tongkat ali extracts available in various potencies, and since each raw material supplier and manufacturer has a different way of preparing and extracting the raw tongkat ali root material, and since there are no established standards, it is difficult to give dosage recommendations that would be consistently effective. In addition to tongkat ali being available as a raw powder, it is sold as a 4:1, 5:1, 20:1 and a 100:1 concentration. An excellent and quite reliable source of the 100:1 extract is LJ100. At the higher Tongkat Ali concentrations, such as LJ100, it becomes difficult to dose appropriately since the margin of error in terms of effectiveness versus side effects becomes quite  challenging.

Tongkat Ali vs LJ100 – 25 mg   100:1 extract
Tongkat Ali LJ100 is a high quality, standardized Tongkat Ali extract. LJ100 is used for improving energy, increasing stamina, physical endurance, and sensual performance. This LJ100 product comes from the purest raw material supplier, direct from Malaysia. LJ100 is trademarked by a company called Herbal Powers.

LJ100 Supplement Facts
Tongkat Ali LJ100 extract – 25 mg *
(Eurycoma Longifolia jack LJ100)

LJ100 side effects, adverse reactions
There are side effects to LJ100 when used in high doses. LJ100 side effects include increased body temperature, restlessness, irritability, and insomnia. When you buy a LJ100 supplement, keep this in mind and initially start with a dose no more than 25 mg. LJ100 should not be taken on the same day as Passion Rx or other sex herb formulas or other individual sex herbs since there could be overstimulation and restlessness.

Q. I took 50 mg of LJ100 from another company and it made me very irritable.
A. High doses of LJ100 can cause this side effect, and that is why we prefer people take smaller amounts.

Other articles of interest for sexual enhancement
For information on how to treat impotence. Other herbs to consider for sexual vitality are Horny goat weed sex herb, maca which takes longer to take effect than tongkat ali, and tribulus terrestris extract. LJ100 is a good herb for erectile dysfunction, but even better is a product called Passion Rx.

Dosing, how much to take
Q.  Can you please tell me the correct dosage of tongkat ali lj100.The bottles in my first order suggested 2 to 4 capsules daily with water and a meal, My recent order says one capsule daily in the morning on an empty stomach, can you please clarify this for me.
A. There is no standard LJ100 dosage that works for everyone, hence we suggest starting with a low amount and then seeing how this affects you before taking a larger dose.

Q. I just received my first bottle of LJ100 25 mg and the instructions say 2 to 4 capsules per day yet your website says to take much less. I took 2 capsules before I saw your website. For the future what should be my regimen?
A. There are different viewpoints on how to take LJ100, we prefer starting slow with one capsule every other day and have a gradual enhancement rather than shocking the system too quickly with a potent herb. However, there are individuals who need a high dose to feel an effect, for these rare individuals, 2 capsules of LJ100 may be more appropriate.

Research trials, human studies
As of 2016, we are aware of few published studies of LJ100 in humans that are available on Medline.

LJ100 supplement blood studies, effects on platelets, red blood cells
Q. Just after taking 150 mg/day of Herbal Powers LJ100 capsules my platelet count jumped up to 681. Some claims are that Tongkat Ali increases red blood increase in bone marrow, so maybe it caused my high platelet count.
A. It’s difficult to make this connection bases on one blood study, but you may with to take a break from LJ100, test to see what your platelet level is, and then retake the LJ100 followed by retesting to see if it reoccurs. 150 mg of LJ100 is an extremely high dose.

Testing and analysis for purity
Q.  I just purchased the Tongkat Ali LJ100 product and started taking these LJ100 capsules and find the effects are better than a product I purchased from Sumatra Pasak Bumi from Indonesia. I have just been made aware of research from Malaysia that has shown Mercury and Lead in Tongkat Ali. Being a physician and having worked with patients toxic in environmental chemicals and metals, I am alarmed!! What research or analysis has been done on LJ100 product to assure that it is safe?
A. LJ100 is a proprietary blend made by Herbal Powers and this is the version everyone uses when they mention LJ100 on the label of their product.

LJ200 vs LJ100
Q. I saw an add for LJ200 as a male enhancement supplement product. What is this product, is LJ200 more potent than LJ100?
A. We have not tested LJ200 so we don’t know if it is effective. Also, LJ100 is a concentrated form of tongkat ali and it is quite potent, perhaps too potent. We don’t see any need to concentrate tongkat ali any further. Therefore, for the time being, LJ200 is not an extract that we find necessary since the tongkat ali plain powder and LJ100 are quite sufficient on their own. Also, just because LJ100 says that it is 100 times an extract does not mean it is 100 times as potent as regular tongkat aii powder. If you take 400 mg of tongkat ali, you will realize how potent it is, actually most prefer taking less that 400 mg of the powder. Many products have 80 mg of LJ100 in them, and we feel that is too potent can can lead to unpleasant side effects. It is naive to claim that just because an LJ100 product has 80 mg or 25 mg of LJ100 that it is equivalent to 8000 mg of tongkat ali powder or 2500 mg of tongkat ali powder, respectively. It just doesn’t work that way. Keep in mind, too, that tongkat ali has side effects and taking too much LJ100 or LJ200 can be counterproductive since these can cause insomnia. And when insomnia occurs, sex drive goes down.

Q. There is a website that claims that LJ200x has 185 mg of a concentrated extract equivalent to 37000 mg of regular tongkat ali powder. Is this true?
A. If it were, and you took 37,500 mg of tongkat ali, I doubt you would be alive, or functioning properly. We find even 400 mg of tongkat ali powder to be quite a hefty dose. Anyone who makes this comparison apparently does not fully understand the tongkat ali herb and how the extracts are made. LJ200x is certainly not 200 times as potent as tongkat ali powder. We question the reliability of the information by whoever makes such statements.
Often, tongkat ali works better in low doses than it does in high doses since side effects are common. Therefore, if you do buy LJ200x, begin with a portion of a capsule. Better yet, just try LJ100, there is much more research done with LJ100 than a lesser known and untested extract marketed as LJ200x.

Combination or interaction with other aphrodisiac herbs
Q. I just today purchased LJ100 and was given advice to stak it with Tribulus Fuel which is a testosterone booster. I was wondering how I should stak them together. My goal is to put on muscle mass .
A. We are not familiar with tribulus fuel. LJ100 is quite potent and we suggest using it by itself, taking too many herbs the same day can cause insomnia and irritability. Lack of good sleep interferes with good hormone balance, interferes with growth hormone release and would be counterproductive. For muscle mass we suggest creatine.

Timing and frequency of use, how fast does it work?
Q. I bought a bottle of LJ100 25 mg. I read the dosage like 1 capsule every other day or 3 times a week. My question is, can I not take LJ00 as needed, like Viagra.
A. Herbs are not like Viagra, they take a few days before working their best. You can take one capsule LJ100 in the morning every other day or 3 days a week and discuss with your doctor how to use Viagra. We suggest not taking Viagra the same day as LJ100. Viagra can be taken on a day when you are not taking LJ100 and it is better to use a smaller dose of Viagra than you normally do. LJ100 and many other sexual herbs have a delayed effect into the second and third day after taking a capsule.

Q. I recently purchased tongkat ali Extract 1:200 200 caps at 600 mg of Tongkat Ali from Indonesia and I’m not sure if it is working or not. Base on your website taking that amount of this extract I would think I would know. Not sure whether to purchase from them again. What is your opinion?
A. We have no idea what this product would contain. If it is true 200:1 tongkat ali extract, it should have an effect.

Improved sensation of genital organs
Q. Does LJ100 increase genital sensation?

A. Many sexual herbs can increase genital sensation, including LJ100.

Sports performance, weight loss
Q. I am a health food store owner and received marketing material that LJ100 has anti-aging-enhance IGF-1, enhances sports performance, improves sexual function, increases energy, and helps with weight loss. Are any of these true?
A. LJ100 does enhance sexual function, does increase energy, but we don’t know if this is sustained over time. We do not believe it helps with weight loss part. It does not have anti-aging potential and we do not think it enhances sports performance since it increases body temperature which may be counterproductive.

Physician Formulas brand vs other companies
Q. Is there a difference between the Physician Formulas LJ100 and other brands? I am just confused if LJ100 is a trademark name and if it’s the same wherever you get it, or if all LJ100 are different formulas. I am very new to Tongkat Ali, and have done research the past couple weeks. About a week ago I started on Tongkat Ali 1:50 extract that I got through a reseller of Sumatra Pasak Bumi. I’m very confused about the results. I read many statements that state many people get a warm sensation when they first started taking it. I didn’t feel a thing, and that was with 800 mgs of 1:50 extract. I also read at Dr. Sahelian’s site on LJ100 that LJ100 is very potent and you keep it in low 25mg capsules because of powerful effects.  But I am taking 2-3 400mg capsules of the Sumatra Pasak Bumi TKA which has a 1:50 extract. That should be many times more potent than 25 to 50mg of LJ100 and yet I have felt pretty much nothing. So I’m afraid that I would have to take even more LJ100 (even though it’s a higher extract) because of it’s low mg. Since I read that LJ100 is potent and many feel the effects at low doses, maybe it works better than what I have. I’m also desparate! I’m only 31 years old, married, and have had very bad problems with poor libido, sex drive, interest, which also leads to poor performance 🙁 I do take Viagra when I can get samples from my doctor, because it’s too expensive. And it does nothing for my sex drive. I’m really hoping this will work for me, because I don’t know what else to do. I’ve tried many things, including Enzyte, which did nothing. I would like to try Passion Rx and may try ordering this. Would this work better than LJ100 alone? I don’t know which Passion Rx to try, with or without Yohimbe. I have never taken Yohimbe and was a little afraid of the side effects since I have read many negative things about it. However, I have also heard it works better than most anything else, compared to Viagra. So I’m not even sure what version of the Passion Rx would be right for me. Maybe I should try both. Does Passion Rx need to be taken in cycles since it has Tongkat Ali LJ100 in it? I heard Tongkat ali won’t even help with your testosterone levels after a while and thats why you have to stop and start it off and on, to trick your body. So I figured you would have to do the same with Passion Rx.
A. The LJ100 from Physician Formulas and Club Natural are exactly the same raw material from the exact same source. LJ100 is a trademarked tongkat ali extract by Herbal Powers. Many people find 25 mg every other day or 2 days on 2 days off to work well, others find they need two capsules to notice it. As to Passion Rx, it is difficult to predict which form, with or without yohimbe, will work better since each person is different. Taking days off from the use of the sexual herbal products does make them work better. Using smaller amounts gives a more gradual response with fewer side effects and this is often preferable. However some people like to take a higher amount to notice more sexual benefits but the side effects of LJ100 such as increased body temperature, irritability, and insomnia can interfere with optimal sexual love making.