Low Libido Enhancement with natural herbs and home remedies
How to improve low male libido and low female libido
without drugs or hormones
January 2 2017

Is it possible to increase low libido in a woman or man to the same intensity as we had back in our teenage years? It is possible to increase low libido to levels that match teenage years. And it can happen within days.

Herbal home remedies for low libido in a male and female
There are a number of natural herbal libido enhancers that work effectively, and a fuller list is provided a few paragraphs below. Some of these low libido enhancers that are becoming more popular include tongkat ali and its extract, horny goat weed and its constituent icariin, tribulus terrestris extract, and Yohimbe. Additional herbs for low libido include ashwagandha with withanolides, Maca extract which comes from South America, Mucuna Prurienswhich may raise dopamine levels, Muira puama which is popular in South America, and Rhodiola. There is an effective, doctor formulated libido enhancing product called Passion Rx which includes several of aphrodisiac herbs.

Passion Rx with Yohimbe – Herbal Low Libido Enhancer for Men and Women – Formulated by Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D.
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How fast does Passion Rx improve low libido?
Passion Rx provides results that are often seen within two to three days, but continue to improve over several days of use. Our feedback thus far indicates more than 80% user satisfaction by the end of the first week, and higher by the end of the second week.

We know Passion Rx works because users order over and over.

A medical doctor and his research staff have tested various doses and extracts of dozens of herbs from a number or raw material suppliers to determine the ideal dose and combination for optimal aphrodisiac properties with the fewest side effects. After years of trial and error,  a highly evolved proprietary blend with 15 herbal extracts from the best raw material suppliers has been created which works within dats. The exact dosages and extract potencies of this unique sexual aphrodisiac blend is a close kept secret. You will only find this exact combination in Passion Rx.

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 Passion Rx enhances:

  •      Low Libido in a man and woman
  •      Erectile function
  •      Orgasms and climaxes 
  •      Sensation of genital organs in men and women

In recent years science has made breakthroughs in the understanding the reasons for low libido. But, for hundreds of years, civilizations around the world have known about locally grown herbs that enhance low libido with far fewer side effects than prescription drugs. Now, renowned physician and herbal expert Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D., author of Natural Sex Boosters, has discovered a combination of exotic herbs from the Amazon jungle, India, China, Malaysia, and Africa, that provides a natural solution for low libido to those seeking an alternative to synthetic drugs and hormones.

There are two version of Passion Rx, with and without yohimbe. Some of the potent sex enhancing herbs and nutrients in Passion Rx include ashwagandha, catuaba, choline, cnidium monnieri, coleus forskohlii, damiana, dmae, horny goat weed, Maca from Peru, also known as Lepidium meyenii has aphrodisiac properties, mucuna pruriens, muira puama, passion flower, rhodiola, shilajit, tribulus terrestris, and tongkat ali.

Q. Are herbal enhancers for low libido safe?
A. Some of them are safe. Certain sexual enhancers such as yohimbe and tongkat ali should be taken in low doses since they have side effects.

Causes of low female and male libido:

1. Psychological / Mental — The causes of psychological sexual dysfunction and low libido are numerous, and it is difficult to list them all, but most often low libido is related to stress, lack of adequate sleep, depression, anxiety, marital or relationship problems, life crisis, financial difficulties, problems at work, religious repression, or some forms of mental illness. Getting a deep sleep at night can do wonders for a healthy sex drive.

2. Hormonal — Androgens, such as testosterone, are a major component of libido, and they certainly can be considered libido enhancers. Testosterone levels decline about 1 percent each year in men, which may contribute to lower male libido with aging. Testosterone also declines with age in women leading to a decrease in female libido with menopause. Women who have had surgical removal of the ovaries notice a drop in sexual interest. Replacement of androgens can be helpful in those with age related sexual dysfunction. Testosterone is available by prescription only. An over the counter hormones, such as DHEA, converts into testosterone and thus has a positive influence on libido. Pregnenolone is another over the counter hormone that may increase testosterone levels and thus enhance libido. We prefer the safer approach to low libido enhancement with natural herbs rather than hormones since hormones can have many side effects. Testosterone levels and high or low libido are not always directly linked.

What about testosterone medication for low libido?
Testosterone is an important hormone in men and women and treatment with testosterone does improve libido. However, there are unpleasant side effect to testosterone use, including hair loss, heart rhythm problems or heart attack, and potential increase in certain cancer, for instance prostate cancer. Testosterone may be used occasionally to boost libido, but we don’t suggest taking this hormone for long term use, either by men or women.

3. Vascular — Alterations in the flow of blood to and from the penis are thought to be a common cause of male erectile dysfunction. For instance, medical conditions such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), high cholesterol, hypertension, or diabetes reduce blood flow to the penis and genital organs thus leading to difficulty with erection or genital swelling.  Additional factors that can impede blood flow include penile injury, surgery in the pelvic or abdominal area, and sitting on a bicycle too long. Men who log several thousand miles a year on their mountain bikes suffer scrotal damage that could reduce their fertility.

4. Neural — Nerve damage from disorders such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke affect the brain’s ability to respond to sexual stimulation. In women, abdominal or pelvic operations can occasionally lead to nerve damage. Sexual dysfunction is common in men undergoing surgical treatment for prostate enlargement or cancer.

5. Chemical — Some chemicals involved in the human sexual response and libido include dopamine, acetylcholine, and nitric oxide. Serotonin excess can cause low libido in a man or woman.

Libido and Medical conditions
Certain medical conditions lead to low libido  — or complete loss of libido —  poor performance, or decreased enjoyment. These include hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease, neurological disorders, and insomnia.

Drugs and Libido
Drugs that cause low libido include some anti-hypertensives, SSRIs, sedatives, and beta-blockers. Alcohol’s negative affect on libido increases with age. Smoking can reduce genital blood flow.Finasteride, a drug used to treat enlarged prostate and to stimulate hair growth (Proscar and Propecia), may cause low libido, and in some individuals cause impotence and ejaculatory dysfunction.

Natural supplements that cause low libido
The most common natural herbs and supplements that decrease libido include 5-HTP and kava. Tryptophan may also cause low libido.

Is there any food that helps low libido?
No food that we know of available in grocery stores increases sex drive in an immediate way. It is possible that cold water fish, such as salmon, halibut, sardines, and shellfish, along with fish eggs or roe, may improve low libido by improving overall sexual health since they contain important fish oils. These fish oils help dilate blood vessels and also help brain cells work better, and perhaps influence hormone balance. Eating a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and herbs, spices, can sometimes help with a low libido problem. Sexuality increasing foods can make a significant difference in some people.

10 Ways to improve low Libido naturally
1. Exercise almost every day, even if it is as little as a 20 minute walk around the block. Exercise will help you sleep deeper at night.
2. Eat more cold water fish, more vegetables, and avoid or reduce high sugar foods, junk foods, sodas, white bread, pastries, etc.
3. Add more spices in your cooking, such as curcumin, cloves, mustard, nutmeg, etc.
4. Try to get adequate sleep of high quality
5. Take a class in tantra or other sexual enhancement workshops
6. View more erotica if this is consistent with your moral viewpoint
7. Take a vacation to the Caribbean, Hawaii, or other warm and exotic regions
8. Try to reduce your stress and anxiety, have a massage
9. Try to approach your partner with an open heart and warm feelings, including forgiveness for any hurts or harsh words used in the past
10. And, of course, it never hurts to add romance to your life…. flowers, notes of appreciation, etc.

Low Libido emails
Q. Is arginine good for low male libido problems?
A. We have not found arginine to be effective for low male libido.

Q. My doctor told me that I need testosterone to boost my low libido ever since I’ve had my ovaries removed. Do you think herbs can restore libido without resorting to hormones? I really don’t want to take testosterone.
A. Most doctors don’t realize that there certain natural herbs are able to reverse low female libido as much as the hormones, and often much safer.

Q. Every since my doctor put me on propranolol for high blood pressure, I have low libido. Is low libido a side effect?
A. Yes, for sure. Propranolol is a beta blocker, and almost all beta blocker interfere with optimal sexual functioning, including reduction of sex drive and sensation, along with difficulty with erection.

Q. I have low libido ever since my wife died. It’s been 6 months now. Is libido loss permanent?
A. Chances are you will regain and increase your libido with time once the grieving period is over and you meet someone who you want to be intimate with again. In the meantime, increasing libido with certain herbs is possible in the meantime.

Q. Is low libido and impotence the same thing?
A. Impotence is defined as the inability to have a strong erection enough to last through sexual intercourse while a person can have a strong libido but still have impotence. On the other hand, if someone takes a Viagra, they can have a strong erection but still have a low libido and little or no sensation of the penis.

Q. I have low libido from menopause, is there an herbal libido supplement that can help me?
A. Low doses of tongkat ali, muira puama, horny goat weed, maca, and Passion Rx could be helpful to naturally increase libido after menopause.

Q. What’s a good vitamin for low libido treatment?
A. We are not aware of any vitamin that helps with low libido in a short period of time.

Q. My wife has low libido. Is there any drug or herb or anything over the counter that we could buy say like at Walmart, something that works.
Q. We are not familiar with what kind of sexual products Walmart stores carry.

Q. I found your website while searching for information on low libido. I have been on and am currently on Citalopram 20 mg for depression. Back in July I had an Angiogram because my family doctor thought I had heart problems after do an EKG. I underwent stress tests at a cardiologists office and was interned that very same evening for the angiogram. That in itself was enough to give me low libido due to the invasive surgery, but ever since that procedure I have had absolutely nil or low libido. That is really depressing me. I have been on the Citalopram for several months but I am wondering if there is anything that I have mentioned here that could be causing it.
A. Citalopram is an antidepressant medication used to treat depression. Citalopram belongs to a class of drugs known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Celexa is the brand name for citalopram.

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