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January 2 2017

The website of Physician Formulas carries dozens of natural supplements. This company is also known as Advance Physician Formulas and has high quality supplements formulated by Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D..

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Physician Formulas provides dozens of high quality products including these popular herbal combination products developed by Dr. Sahelian:

* Diet Rx for appetite suppression. Most people eat less and the benefits thus include fewer caloric consumption, loss of weight, better cholesterol management and lower blood sugar.
* Eyesight Rx for better vision, by Physician Formulas
* Joint Power Rx for healthy joints as we age.
* Mind Power Rx by Physician Formulas for better concentration and focus
* MultiVit Rx  which provides excellent energy enhancement.
* Passion Rx by Physician Formulas to improve low libido and enhance sexual pleasure
* Prostate Power Rx by Physician Formulas with saw palmetto, pygeum extract, beta sitosterol, lycopene, and other important nutraceuticals for optimal prostate health.

About Physician Formulas, a reliable and honest source of nutraceuticals
Advance Physician Formulas is a nutraceutical company with headquarters in Irvine, California, and customer care centers in several locations including Nebraska, Iowa, and California. The aim of Physician Formulas is to provide formulas of the highest quality and effectiveness. Their scientific research team is highly specialized to review the latest research on various supplements and herbs. They carry high quality products developed by respected doctors and herbalists including world renowned medical doctor and best selling author Ray Sahelian, M.D., one of the most respected doctors in the world when it comes to nutritional knowledge. He maintains a highly praised and widely visited web site on nutrition and natural supplements. Dr. Sahelian writes a biweekly newsletter for Physician Formulas and they consult with him regarding the latest nutritional and herbal research. These Physician Formulas products are available on their website.

Individual supplements
* 5-HTP – 50 mg
* Alpha Lipoic Acid – R — 50 mg
* Ashwagandha 500 mg
* Catuaba – 500 mg
* CMO – 400 mg
* CoQ10 – 50 mg
* Curcumin and Turmeric – 500 mg
* Graviola – 500 mg
* Horny Goat Weed – 400 mg
* Tongkat Ali LJ100 extract – 25 mg
* Maca 500 mg
* Mangosteen – 500 mg
* Mucuna Pruriens – 400 mg
* Muira Puama – 500 mg
* Tongkat-Ali – 400 mg
* Tribulus – 500 mg

Physician Formulas questions and emails
Q. I was considering buying some health food supplements at Physician Formulas, and I have a question. I learned that one should look for the term “ pharmaceutical grade ” when he buys such products. However, I did not find it in the descriptions of the products I was interested in at Physician Formulas. Does it mean that their quality does not meet the standard of “pharmaceutical grade”? It might be a naïve question, and I am sorry for bothering you with such a question.
A. The term pharmaceutical grade only applies to a select few supplements such as the amino acid tryptophan and a few others. There is no such pharmaceutical grade terminology with herbs and most other supplements. Therefore, if you read on a website that their herbal products are pharmaceutical grade, you may question their honesty since herbs are not described in that manner.

Testimonials, reviews
I have been very satisfied with the Physician Formula products particularly Eyesight Rx and MultiVit Rx. Keep up the good work. I tell my friends about how good the Physician Formulas service is, the phone reps are excellent.

Q. I noticed that Physician Formulas products say certified on them. I wondered who certifies the strength and purity and lack of heavy metals in your products.
A. The Physician Formulas products are made at laboratories that are independent and are regularly evaluated by the FDA to make sure all ingredients and the manufacturing processes are within FDA guidelines.

Q. I think very highly and my family about Physician Formulas products. I am about to try the Mind power but my husband and son-in-law love 5HTP and I love the Joint Power Rx and Multi vitamin. My husband has ADHD and my son-in-law has bipolar and they both find 5 HTP fantastic for their brain.

Q. Are products on the Physician Formulas website organic?
A. Physician Formulas has dozens of products. Most herbs are not organic, and it is difficult to find a whole line of products that are organic. Most herbs supplied by the major raw material suppliers are not organic, however, unlike food, the amounts of herbs ingested are often less than 1 gram which is practically insignificant when compared to the kilograms of food eaten.

Q. Does Physician Formulas have a distributor in Costa Rica?
A. They ship to Costa Rica, but they don’t have a distributor in Costa Rica.

Q. I would like to know just how safe is tryptophan product sold on the Physician Formulas web site concerning contaminants ex. many years ago they banned this product, does your company make sure that it.s pharmacutical grade according to U.S.A. standards in order to insure that it’s not a bad batch. I have been getting my product from Dr’s Best what would be the difference of your product and theirs.
A. Physician Formulas no longer carries tryptophan but it is available online at many stores.

Q. I know that vitamins supplements that are USP verified which contain the USP symbol have been tested to make sure that they disintegrate in the body and label are true and accurate. How would I know if Physician Formulas vitamins supplements are? What does a certificate of analysis display? Are your vitamins supplements distilled? Are the harmful ingredients (pesticides, etc…) removed?
A. Physician Formulas supplements are manufactured by a GMP certified facility, FDA evaluated every few months to pass industry standards. Furthermore, Dr. Sahelian, a product developer at Physician Formulas, reviews the certificates of analysis to make sure the ingredients are of high standards. USP is an independent organization and charge a fee for testing. USP is not a governmental organization and companies do not have to have a USP label on their product.

Q. I would like to ask the Physician Formulas staff to address the following questions please. I have noticed that the product Passion Rx is listed as available to purchase through Physician Formulas on line. I noticed this product for sale on Ebay. The seller of this product guarantees it is authentic. Do they have permission from Physician Formulas to act as an authorized dealer or representative of your product? If not are they doing so illegally? Is their a way for the consumer to determine if it is authentic? Could the Passion RX being sold on Ebay be authentic or is it in all probability an imitation product?
A. Yes, Passion Rx on eBay is authentic.

Vegan or vegetarian suited products
Q. I am vegan and there are many Physician Formulas products that I cannot take due to the fact that they are made with gelatin capsules. I am particularly interested in the Mind Power Rx. Is there a reason why some of Physician Formulas products are not made with veggie caps?
A. About 5 percent of the population in the USA buys Vegetarian Supplements. Mind Power Rx is in a gelatin capsule, but many people open the capsules and just use the contents. The capsules can be easily opened by pulling on each side and dropping the contents in water or juice. Only a very small percentage of users are vegan, and vegetarian capsules usually add a large cost to the bottles which makes the majority of people less willing to pay for the higher cost. And since the capsule can be easily opened, that give an option to vegans and vegetarians.

Wholesale shipments
Q. I want to export Physician Formulas products overseas such as Passion Rx. I will send your stuff to some importer in India or Maldives. That importer will sell to the end user. Can you sell to me in large quantities?
A. Yes, PF can sell at wholesale in large quantities. If you can ship the product overseas, then the stores can put the product on the shelf and the consumer can buy it. PF can sell you the products at wholesale which is 50 percent off the discounted price listed on the web Physicians Formula web site. If you buy in larger quantities then higher discounts can be given.

Q. Does Physician Formulas carry supplements that help reduce appetite?
A. Herbs that may reduce appetite include green tea extract and hoodia. The best product to reduce appetite is Diet Rx.

Discontinued products
Good Night Rx for better sleep
Veg Rx – if you are vegetarian or vegan, take this supplement to supply the missing nutrients in your diet.