Prostate Power Rx review
For Prostate Health and Sexual Enhancement
in aging males
November 2 2017

Prostate Power Rx is a popular prostate formula developed by world renowned nutrition expert doctor Ray Sahelian, M.D. It is aimed for men over the age of 40 or 50 who wish to maintain optimal prostate and sexual health.

Ingredients, where to purchase
Prostate Power Rx is a prostate formula carefully formulated with important herbs and nutrients. It contains Saw Palmetto, Pygeum Africanum, Stinging Nettle, Quercetin, Lycopene, Beta Sitosterol, Daizein, Genistein, Rosaminic Acid.

Purchase Prostate Power Rx at a discount
Some men over fifty take an herbal formula to maintain prostate health. The ideal dosage to take for long term prostate health is not known, but one capsule taken a few days a week is one good option.

Prostate Power Rx with high potency Saw Palmetto extract
HIGH Potency Saw Palmetto, Pygeum, Stinging Nettle, Quercetin, Lycopene, and several Key Ingredients for support of normal prostate size & urine flow

Clinically tested ingredients
Prostate Power Rx is carefully formulated with high dose saw palmetto and important herbs and nutrients to provide optimal prostate health. Clinical research on prostate health has been conducted with saw palmetto and the other potent herbs in Prostate Power Rx. This prostate formula has been designed to support:

Prostate Power Rx Supplement Facts
Saw Palmetto extract (standardized to contain 45% fatty acids – serenoa repens fruit).
Stinging-Nettle (urtica diocia root). You can buy Stinging-Nettle online.
Quercetin – You can buy Quercetin in various dosages.
Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinales leaf)
Phytosterol Complex (Beta sitosterol, stigmasterol, campesterol, and brassicasterol). You can buy Beta-Sitosterol from several different nutritional companies.
Pygeum 4:1 bark extract (Pygeum Africanum). You can buy Pygeum-Africanum alone but is works better in combination with other herbs for prostate health.
Daidzein (standardized to contain 40% isoflavones)
Genistein (standardized to contain 40% isoflavones). You can buy Genistein by itself.
Lycopene (Lycoperscion escatatum fruit). You can buy Lycopene in various dosages.

Where to buy
Prostate Power Rx is available for sale at Advance Physician Formulas and you can visit the website at Physician Formulas. It is available for sale.

Buy Prostate Power Rx, Saw Palmetto Extract, Passion Rx, or to sign up to a FREE newsletter on the topic of men’s health and natural ways to improve prostate health, see Ray Sahelian, M.D.

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Prostate Power Rx for prostate health

Hair growth
Q. I have seen some studies that say saw palmetto and beta sitosterol can be helpful in hair growth or maintaining a healthy head of hair. Does this formula work for hair growth or for those with thinning hair?
A. We have not tested this product for hair growth so the answer is not clear at this time.

Prostate Power Rx supplement and medications
Q. Can I take Prostate Power Rx if I am taking Avodart or Propecia?
A. Some people find the daily use of Avodart causes side effects. Perhaps alternating one day of Avodart and another day of Prostate Power Rx could minimize the Avodart side effects.

Q. Should I take one or two capsules of Prostate Power Rx daily?

A. You have the option to take one or two depending on your need and preference. Some people may wish to take a day or two off a week.

Proscar or Propecia
Q. My doctor has me on Proscar for prostate issue. Can I add Prostate Power Rx as a prostate formula to my regimen?

A. As with Avodart above, Proscar can cause side effects such as lower libido or sexual interest or even difficulty with erection. You may ask your doctor if you can take the Proscar every other day while substituting the Prostate Power Rx on the off days from Proscar. Proscare and Avodart are very effective in helping with prostate enlargement, but many times patients are helped by these drugs by taking a lower dose or by taking them less frequently.

Combining with herbal aphrodisiac formula
Q. Can I take Prostate Power Rx the same day as Passion Rx?

A. We suggest you not take Prostate Power Rx on the days that you take Passion Rx. In the long run, Passion Rx may only be needed 2 or 3 days a week since it is potent.

Q. What do you think of taking Prostate Power Rx and beta sitosterol the same day?
A. We prefer using them on alternate days, however if you have taken both beta sitosterol and a capsule of Prostate Power Rx the same day and you feel fine with it, you could continue.

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