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January 1 2017

Home remedies that are effective, natural ways to improve for a wife or husband
Is male and female sexual performance possible with natural herbs, supplements and nutrients as opposed to a drug or prescription medication? There are a number of natural herbal pills that are effective and many of them are currently sold without a prescription. While the media focuses on Viagra, Cialis and its cousins, dozens of potent herbs from China, India, and South America are ignored. Some of these herbs are found in Passion Rx with Yohimbe. Later we discuss the factors involved in human sexual health. See up to date information on how to naturally treat erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Natural way to increase performance in a man or woman, how to
We would like to give some practical advice regarding sexual herbs. They usually take a few days to show their effectiveness. If your dosage is too high you could notice having too much energy and having a tough time falling asleep. Begin with low dosages and be patient. If you feel you have taken too high a dosage, take a break for a  day or two and resume at half dosage you were originally taking.

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Buy Passion Rx, a potent formula, or buy individual sexual performance herbs such as Tribulus, Muira Puama, Tongkat Ali, horny goat weed. Find out the latest sale prices, or to see a complete list of discounted products at Physician Formulas.

Ray Sahelian, M.D. and his research staff have tested various doses and extracts of dozens of herbs from a number or raw material suppliers to determine the ideal dosage and combination for an optimal female and male sexual performance with the fewest side effects. After years of trial and error,  an exceptional proprietary blend with more than a dozen herbal extracts from the best raw material suppliers has been created which works within hours. The exact dosages and potencies of this aphrodisiac blend is a close kept secret only known to the doctor and his research staff.

Herbs that increase sexual performance naturally in a male and female
The potent herbal extracts in Passion Rx include Ashwagandha, barberry, Catuaba, Cnidium, Herba Cistanches, Horny Goat Weed, Maca, Muira puama, Passion flower, Tongkat Ali LJ100, Tribulus and Yohimbe. A version of Passion Rx without Yohimbe is also available.


There are major causes involved in female and male sexual performance:
Most often poor sexual performance in a man or woman is related to depression, marital stress or relationship problems, life crisis, financial difficulties, religious repression, or some type of mental illness.

Hormonal influence on male and female sexual performance
Androgens, such as testosterone, are a major component of good sexual performance. Testosterone levels decline about 1 percent each year in men, which may contribute to lower male libido with aging. Testosterone also declines with age in women leading to a decrease in female libido. Women who have had surgical removal of the ovaries notice a drop in sexual interest. Sexual performance through replacement of androgens can be helpful in those with age related sexual dysfunction. Testosterone is available by prescription only. An over the counter hormones, such as DHEA, converts into testosterone and thus has a positive influence on libido. Hormones may not be safe to use for long term  enhancement of sexual performance, therefore aphrodisiac herbs are a great alternative.

Q. Are the hormones and chemicals involved in women’s sexual performance much different than in men?
A. There are more similarities than there are differences. Testosterone is a sexual performance hormone in men and women, and dopamine increases libido in a woman and a man.

Vascular, blood vessel clogging or poor flow
Alterations in the flow of blood to and from the penis are thought to be a common cause of male erectile dysfunction. For instance, medical conditions such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), high cholesterol, hypertension, or diabetes reduce blood flow to the penis and genital organs thus leading to difficulty with erection or genital swelling. Proper diet and exercise can reduce the risk. Additional factors that can impede blood flow include penile injury, surgery in the pelvic or abdominal area, and sitting on a bicycle too long. Men who log several thousand miles a year on their mountain bikes suffer scrotal damage that could reduce their fertility.  Some of these health problems, if treated appropriately, can lead to sexual enhancement.

Chemical influence on female and male sexual performance
Some chemicals involved in the human sexual response and libido include dopamine, acetylcholine, and nitric oxide. Sexual performance is quite likely through manipulation of these brain chemicals by using natural herbs and supplements.

Sexual performance problems and Medical conditions
Certain medical conditions reduce libido, performance, or enjoyment. These include hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease, and neurologic disorders, and insomnia.

Drugs that interfere with Sexual performance
Drugs that cause low sexual performance include some anti-hypertensives, SSRIs, sedatives, sleeping pills, and beta-blockers. Alcohol’s negative affect on libido increases with age. Smoking can reduce genital blood flow.

Sexual performance drug
There are several sexual performance drugs including Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. These drugs work very well in dilating blood vessels leading to a strong erection, however they do little else for sexual enhancement, such as libido, sensation, and sexual stamina. Plus, they have side effects. It has been reported that Viagra in rare cases can cause permanent blindness. Sexual performance supplements are, as a rule, much safer. Which is the best sexual performance drug? This is difficult to say since each person has their own preference.

Female and Male Sexual performance Research
Exercise and weight loss may lead to sexual performance in obese men, researchers in Italy report. In a new study of more than 100 obese men with erectile dysfunction, nearly a third regained normal sexual function after participating in an intensive weight loss program.

Female and Male Sexual performance herbal products
Q.  Have received Spam mail and seen on web sites natural sexual performance pills or sexual performance products that the vendors say are guaranteed to increase the size of your penis.  The ingredients seem to be the common supplements spoken about with regard to penile health. Is there any substance to these claims and these pills lead to sexual enhancement?
A. We have gotten similar emails. We are not aware of any sexual performance pills that permanently increase the size of a penis, but we are 100 percent certain that many herbal combinations do have sexual performance enhancement properties.

Exercise, physical activity
Q. Does exercise lead to male sexual performance enhancement?

A. Perhaps not directly, but indirectly exercise can help you sleep deeper which does wonders for male sexual enhancement. Exercise also makes you feel better about your body, and this could also have an influence on your libido.

Enzyte, Vig Rx
Q. What do you think of Enzyte, the male sex performance pill, or Vig Rx, the male performance product?
A. We don’t comment on products from other companies. We just focus a natural male performance pill called Passion Rx. We are proud of it and think it works great and most users prefer it over a male performance drug.

Natural herbal remedy
Q. Is mucuna pruriens an effective male sexual performance supplement?

A. Some people find the increased dopamine from mucuna to have an herbal male performance effect. So, we do think mucuna to be a good herbal male libido performance supplement.

Best sexual performance increase herbal product
Q. What’s the best male sexual performance product or vitamin?
A. This is impossible to say since each person is unique, and some people may respond to one male sexual performance pill while others may respond to a completely different male performance product. Many of the herbs in Passion Rx are quite effective. You can find a list of male performance herbs near the top of the page.

Vitamins and minerals
Q. Does the mineral zinc lead to male sex enhancement?

A. Unless a person is very deficient in this mineral, additional zinc supplements are not likely to lead to sex enhancement. Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E supplementation does not make much of a difference.

BCP, birth control pills
Q. Do birth control pills interfere with female sexual performance?
A. Not that we are aware of or to a great extent.

Food, diet, spices
Q. What’s the best food for male sexual performance and sexual performance for a woman?

A. We would say fish would be one the best food for both male and female sexual enhancement. So would onions, garlic and ginger herbs.

Natural products that decrease
Q. Is there a supplement that can interfere with sexual enhancement?

A. 5-HTP converts into serotonin. Serotonin is a sex drive suppressant. SSRIs such as Paxil, Zoloft and Prozac can interfere with both male and female sexual enhancement.

Best sexual performance increase pill
Q. What’s your favorite male sexual performance pill or female sexual performance product?

A. We have a number of herbs including ashwagandha, tongkat ali, horny goat weed and mucuna pruriens. Each sexual performance pill has its advantages and disadvantages. Our favorite male and female sexual performance product is actually a blend called Passion Rx with Yohimbe.

Creams and lotions
Q. What’s your opinion on women’s sexual performance cream?

A. We have not studied women’s sexual performance creams so I don’t have an opinion whether they work or not.

Drugs and medications for a woman

Q. Is there a sexual performance drug that works in a woman?
A. Not yet but scientists are working on a drug for women. In the meantime, there are lots of natural sexual performance herbs that have been known for centuries by local tribes and cultures.

Side effects, safety, adverse reactions
Q. I bought a sexual performance supplement and took one pill in the evening and I couldn’t sleep all night.
A. Many herbal sexual performance supplements have ingredients that cause alertness so most of them are better taken in the morning as soon as you get up.

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